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$5,150 Franklin BBQ Pit

$275 Pit cover

Free Shipping in the contiguous US.


Franklin Pits are made with all American steel. Markings, numbers, letterings and uneven patina reflect the true construction of the pit, made right here in the USA. Once a raw steel pit is finished, we coat it with all natural food grade oil and wax. Consistent oiling and maintenance will lead to a deeper and changing patina over time.

Just like wood, steel has a grain. It expands and contracts. Flexes and twists. Eventually the molecules in your pit will settle down as time passes and fires are built. When using your pit, a little extra movement in the steel will occur over several heat cycles.

Pit Specs
  • 625 lbs
  • 81" long
  • 81" high from ground to top of smokestack
  • 42" cook chamber
  • 20" outside diameter cook chamber and firebox
  • 1/4" thick rolled American-made steel cook chamber and inner firebox
  • Semi-insulated (air gap) double-walled firebox
  • 5" Casters (2 Stationary at Firebox End, 2 Swiveling at Smokestack End
  • 19 x 33" Removable Steel Cooking Grate
  • Bolt-on Smokestack
  • Pit Badge with Unique Body #
Included with your pit
  • Custom Tel-Tru Thermometer
  • Grease Bucket
  • Water Pan
  • Owner's Manual
Lead Time

For current lead time, please see our shipping policy. Freight transit time is on average 3~7 business days for most addresses.

Freight Shipping
  • Free shipping in the Contiguous U.S.
  • Ships in one crate.
  • Delivery to your driveway or garage for most addresses.
  • If you have a STEEP/GRAVEL/DIRT/LONG DRIVEWAY or have any OBSTRUCTIONS, delivery will be limited to your curb.
  • Transit time is about 3~7 business days for most addresses.
  • We use heavy duty banding material to secure the pit during its journey to its new home. Even with protective foam under the banding, you may initially notice some surface marks from the banding that should go away with time and use.

Feel free to email us to look over your delivery address if you have any questions or concerns before making your purchase.

  • Bolt on Smoke Stack
  • Firebox door handle assembly
  • Wrench included

The pit is approximately 625 lbs, and despite being on casters, can be difficult to maneuver. It's best to move the pit with an extra set of hands (or two) into your desired area where it can remain in that spot. It's best to pick a solid and level location that can support the weight of your pit (ie. concrete pad or pavers).

Cleaning & Seasoning

The raw steel pit will need to be regularly seasoned on the inside and the outside with food grade oil (we like flaxseed oil or rendered fat from leftover trimmings). Seasoning the pit with food grade oil will protect it from rusting, especially if you live in a humid place or let the pit come into contact with water. Basically, take care of it like you would your grandma's heirloom cast iron pans.

Watch how Aaron cleans and seasons his backyard pit.


Our product warranty period is 3 years on the firebox, cook chamber and smokestack.

During our quality control process, any element that does not fall within our range of tolerance is addressed before final approval.

American Steel

Made by Hand

Every Franklin Barbecue Pit is made by hand in the good ol' USofA. As a result, each of our handcrafted pits has its own quirks and characteristics making it truly one of a kind. These differences in cosmetic attributes make each Franklin Barbecue Pit unique. The skill of our welders combined with the natural elements of the steel work together to create your pit, there won't be another one like it.

Real Smoker

Thank-you for making a real smoker. It is hard to find one as most are pellet or electric. I've been smoking meat for 30 years and I believe this smoker you built is the best I have ever seen. Well made and well thought out.

Trusted Expertise

Aaron has so much experience in the design and build and cook that I had to go with his expertise in this field.   I am very  happy to be able to own his BBQ. Your web site is very easy to use and the purchase was effortless.You guys are a breath of fresh air!!

Fantastic Customer Experience

I will tell you, this was a fantastic customer experience, including the unboxing. Everything was as advertised. Other than the smoke stack, I didn't have to assemble much but that and the firebox handle I think. It was like opening an Apple product, just totally intuitive and working right out of the box. Keep up the high quality work from the craftsmanship to the service! I smoked the inaugural brisket for Easter and it was great. It will take some practice to keep the temps steady but we'll get there. Gonna smoke some pork butts this weekend for our soon to be four year old's birthday.

So Much Clean Smoke

So I have the pit and did a test run Friday with some ribs.  Holy s**t!  I've never made BBQ before that had so much clean smoke.  Absolutely insane how good it was.  I expected it to be good, but I didn't know it would be "that good".  I did a marathon cook on sat with a brisket, and it came out equally insane!  Can't express how much I am already enjoying this thing!  

I love this thing!!!! 

...this thing is a monster and I love every bit of it.  I have more learning to do but this is the pit I've been looking for.”

Free shipping

Everyone says "Franklins Pit" is the most money but it's actually the cheapest since his includes shipping.