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Master The Craft

Barbecue Pits By Aaron Franklin


In The USA

80" long
81" from the ground to tip of smokestack
42" cook chamber
600 lbs of steel
Ships in one Crate
Perfectly fits 3 briskets
1/4" and 5/16" American made steel
Double-walled firebox
Franklin original smoke collector
Engineered For maximum airflow and convection
Removable smoke stack
Single dedicated cooking grate
Water pan shelf
Brushed stainless steel handle
Mounted on 5" rolling casters

🇺🇸All American Made 🇺🇸

“Why did I make a pit?”


I built Franklin Pits for those BBQ purists who want to take their craft to the next level. Each pit is skillfully made by hand in the good ol' US of A. They are built to last. They are built with purpose. They are the result of everything I’ve learned and all the happy accidents I’ve made over the years. But my pits don’t cook on their own. They need you. They need your hard work, your passion, your patience and your craft. Give them that, and they’ll reward you every single time.

Aaron Franklin

Franklin Barbecue

Bring It To Your Backyard

Aaron has brought his handmade pit design to your backyard. Made in the USA, Franklin Pits are a meld of artistry, science, and the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. A family heirloom.


Where the Magic Happens

There’s a reason you get up before the sun rises. There’s a reason 5 degrees stress you out. There’s a reason you have separation anxiety with your smoker. There’s a reason you think about what you’ll try on the next brisket. The craft is everything.

Bring your craft to the next level

The original handmade backyard smoker from Franklin Barbecue Pits in natural steel patina. Needs regular oiling and TLC.


Dang, that thing is heavy

*Shipping in the Continental U.S. is free

We will research your shipping address to ensure that the freight carrier can safely deliver to your driveway. Freight carriers typically deliver to residential addresses Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm, although this varies at each location. We may require additional information to confirm with the carrier and may need to consider alternative options.


How to purchase

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