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Is Shipping Free?

Shipping is free in the U.S. (excluding Alaska and Hawaii). If you live in Alaska, Hawaii, or other US territories, please contact us for a freight quote.

What are your delivery times?

Please see our shipping policy for current lead times. Once shipped from our facility, freight transit time is 3~10 business days for most addresses.

Do you ship Internationally?

If you live in Canada or in Europe, we can refer you to our distributors. Please contact us with your Full name, delivery address, phone, email address and let us know if you'd like to purchase a cover.

Can we coordinate delivery times?

We will ship your pit as soon as possible. Once your pit arrives at a freight terminal near you, the carrier dispatch will give you a call to schedule a delivery date and time window directly with you. Please email us if you will be unavailable to accept delivery on certain dates.


How many briskets can I fit?

The Franklin pit can fit up to 3 briskets.

Why no damper?

Our firebox doors are vented to pull the proper amount of air needed to make clean fires. Clean fires makes clean smoke makes delicious bbq.

How do you regulate the airflow with no dampers?

The cooker is designed to maximize convection and bring in clean smoke just like the cookers at Franklin BBQ. These characteristics can only be achieved when there is no external regulation of airflow. The design is perfected to allow the right amount of airflow with the door closed... the magic is in how you build a fire!  

Seasoning the pit

How do I season the pit?

After a cook while the pit is still warm, use a food-safe oil (such as flaxseed or grapeseed) and apply a layer on the pit. We find that using a spray bottle is helpful to ensure a simple and even process for seasoning. You can wipe off any excess with a clean lintless towel.

Over time, the oil will begin to create a natural patina on the steel which will result in a unique look for each pit.

Watch how Aaron seasons a Franklin Pit.

How often should I season the pit?

As needed! Ideally after every cook, and in between if you don't cook on your pit often.

What oil should I use to season the pit?

We like using tallow or flaxseed oil. But any food grade oil with a high smoke point will do, like grapeseed or vegetable oil.

Don't use olive oil, it has a low smoke point.

Do I need to season the inside of the pit?

Yes, you should season any surface that is made out of steel.

We like to take a spray bottle and spray the inside of the pit after a cook, while the pit is still warm. Then take a lint free rag and wipe. You can warm up the oil so it flows if you live in a cold climate.


How do I clean the cookchamber?

Guide any remaining grease down the grease chute. Clean the cooking grate with a wire brush. Knock any bits off with a metal scraper. Wipe down with a lint free towel.

How do I clean the firebox?

After the fire has died down, take a shovel and scoop out the ash. Dispose the ash in a non-flamable container, such as a metal trash can with a lid.


Can you mount the pit on a trailer?

We do not offer a trailer option at this time.